We have worked directly with delivey partners and communications providers across Australia to maintain and extend they're civil infastructure. Our team specialises in:

- replacement of concrete man holes 

- repairs to concrete floors, walls, roofs

- replacement of cast iron lid and frame assemblies 

- new installs of concrete man holes

- replacement of concrete structures with Ultima products 

- works on underground access ways, deep chambers and confined space works 

Our capabilities also extend to: 

- pit and pipe relocation/replacement 

- maintenance and re-construction of telecommunications buildings including Telstra exchanges etc 

- general construction 

- small-medium scale civil and road building 

- detention systems, septic systems and drainage

- service pits and manholes: for gas, sewer and electrical services 

Our service yards give us access to an extensive range of equipment, including:

- 1.5t - 20t excavators 

- NDD units

- tipper trucks

- skidsteers

- concrete cutting and coring equipment

- mobilisation equipment: equipment trailers, generators, portable pressure washing etc.